Ivabradine Hydrochloride,148849-67-6

Ivabradine Hydrochloride,148849-67-6

Ivabradine hydrochloride


Name: Ivabradine hydrochloride

Alias: Ivabradine HCl;Corlentor;Procoralan;S-16257;3-[3-[[(8S)-3,4-Dimethoxy-8-bicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-trienyl]methyl-methylamino]propyl]-7,8-dimethoxy-2,5-dihydro-1H-3-benzazepin-4-one hydrochloride

CAS Number: 148849-67-6

Molecular formula: C27H36N2O5.HCl

Molecular weight: 505.05

Melting point: 193-196 ℃

Storage conditions: -20 ℃ Freezer

Solubility: H2O: ≥5mg / mL (warmed)

Color: white to beige

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