CIP Cleaning System

CIP Cleaning System
Product Details

CIP Cleaning System


Selected according to process technology: Single tank type, double tank type, separate body type choice: intelligent and manual.

Operational Principle

Through set program (adjustable program), CIP system makes automatically preparation clean liquid, via pneumatic control value and transfer pump and loop liquid pump finishing transfer of clean liquid and whole clean process of circulation circle clean and drain and recovery.  Though conduct inspection instrument and PLC constituting control system reaches auto online clean.

System includes

Intelligent CIP system is as central integration system including WFI tank, CIP tank, plate heat exchanger, piping filter, transfer pump, loop liquid pump, temperature controller, level controller, conduct inspection instrument, PLC touch screen, control cabinet and piping and valves etc.


At present, intelligent CIP system is widely used in biological fermenting and pharmaceutical industries with high requirements of clean so that it teaches sanitary and sterilization effect.

One set CIP Cleaning Equipment can serve to 2-3 tanks.


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