High-Shear Homogenizer

High-Shear Homogenizer
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High shear mixer

With the rapid development of high technology, more new products and process make higher requirements to equipments. Royal introduce the foreign technology and design a variety of new high shear emulsifier. The key technology of high shear mixer is rotor and stator, the gap and form of rotor and stator will impact on the efficiency of emulsification directly. More and more customers use high shear mixers in high viscosity materials, so the traditional stator and rotor structure can not meet the demand. We design a variety of head structure for such application and accumulated rich experience.

In order to meet different usage demand, we can change different emulsion head with the main structure of high shear mixer. In other words, we do excellent modular design in such mixers.

Siphon type of mixer

Multil-stage type of mixer

Different types of emulsified heads  

New type emulsified heads  

Lab type of mixer  

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