Effect of risperidone on electrocardiogram in patients with schizophrenia

Recently, the Shenyang railway Bureau of Dalian sanatorium researchers publish papers to study of risperidone in the dosage, duration of the relationship between abnormal characteristics of electrocardiogram in patients with psychiatric changes, improve the safety and effectiveness of drugs. Research suggests that risperidone in treatment of schizophrenia in the process effects on ECG is smaller and reversible over time, is a drug for schizophrenia, less toxic to the heart. The paper appear in the 2015 No. 03 issue of the Chinese Journal of community physicians. January 2010-199 cases of schizophrenic patients admitted to May 2014, risperidone, and ECG monitoring in the appropriate time period. Spirit split patients taking risperidone ketone Hou illness has great of improved, ECG exception of change to sinus sex heart exception mainly, second is t wave change, and in 4th week of detection Shi ECG of exception rate reached highest 51 cases (25.6%), and 8th week 24 cases (12%), and 12th week 16 cases (8%), heart exception rate and 4th week phase compared significantly reduced (P<0.05). Statistical analysis software, dosage of risperidone has nothing to do with changes in characteristics of electrocardiogram in patients with anomalies, but have certain relations with time (P<0.05).