How to choose a toothpaste?

Toothpaste in China can be divided into several categories, an ordinary toothpaste, two fluoride toothpaste (containing different types of fluoride, including sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate), and the third is that toothpaste containing special (such as chlorhexidine), containing a variety of herbal toothpaste. Says different. We recommend that you use fluoride toothpaste and fluoride in tap water are limited, less human intake of fluorine, fluoride toothpaste, especially for children and the elderly to use fluoridated toothpaste contains sodium monofluorophosphate in toothpaste have obvious signs of English "MFP" (meaning sodium monofluorophosphate). Why to use fluoridated toothpaste at all? Main fluoride has a strong resistance to dental caries, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, can counteract the acid produced by bacterial metabolism, acid can decay the teeth formed cavity, anti-caries fluoride can strengthen teeth. And also has a role in prevention of periodontal diseases. People all know that calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency problem in children, but the vast majority of people do not know the harm of fluoride deficiency. Both calcium, phosphorus and fluorine, zinc is an essential element of human. If low fluorine content in drinking water in many countries, it is necessary to add fluoride, or children take a certain amount of fluoride tablets and oral topical fluoridation, fluoride mouth rinse. Of toothpaste sold in the markets of many countries 90Over a variety of different concentrations, different types of fluoride toothpaste, if the amount of tooth structure contains fluoride, is vulnerable to the hazards of dental caries, so after the birth at the time of permanent tooth calcification, complementary fluorine, increase the fluoride content of teeth is a good way to prevent dental disease against. Of course when you failed to add fluoride, oral topical fluoridation is also useful, so strongly advocated the use of fluoride toothpaste is a good way to prevent tooth decay. It was suggested that oral not ill why toothpaste with drugs? A very large variety of microorganisms in the human mouth, under special conditions, these organisms can cause certain diseases. Most common cause of oral diseases: dental caries and periodontal diseases, which cause human teeth lost two major diseases. Both diseases are mainly caused by the plaque. Many drugs toothpaste has the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus preventing disease. Dental toothpaste not ill use some drugs would also be useful. But to avoid some drugs to stimulate the very toothpaste is necessary. Long-term use of fluoride toothpaste is safe, no side effects. Most areas in China are low-fluoride area, the use of fluoride toothpaste is useful. This requires that the toothpaste the toothpaste fluoride content in industry to create a more stable, changing the type of toothpaste abrasives and reasonable formula, maintain constant fluoride, to consumers. In a variety of medicines in toothpaste, as a result of drug raw materials are different, the effect also varies. In General, can be selected according to the following conditions. 1. Risk of periodontal disease, gingivitis: use Chinese medicine in Shanghai toothpaste; Beijing Qi, chlorhexidine (chlorhexidine), Tianjin lantian; Harbin three needles; Wuhan Magnolia Nanjing pine, mango, silk fibroin; Nanchang glabra; huaiyin Li min Jinan Honeysuckle; days of Yancheng. 2. Teeth hypersensitivity (cold, sour, sweet stimulates pain): use Haiphong cavity toothpaste on Tianjin desensitization; Hefei grass, man XI architecture desensitize the spirit of Hangzhou Guangzhou high and clean, double f; cold acid ling in Chongqing. 3. Risk of dental caries and gingival redness: use spirit Hangzhou scutellaria, cleaning teeth; Chongqing tooth strontium fluoride; Dandong special sports gear spirit 37 Yunnan; 37 in Wuzhou Guangzhou clean silver; Xuzhou dahua. Children's selection of Hangzhou rabbit; Wuhan next children's toothpaste; Lili in Chongqing. 4. Suffering from mouth ulcers and comprehensive oral diseases: special effects can be operated by the Shanghai toothpaste, maxam; liuzhou nitidum; Dandong ginseng; Holly chlorophyll, Shi Zhen, Changsha; teeth of Jilin Ning; Qingdao rutin Jinan beauties; tunxi fields breathe sweet tea Tianjin rust toothpaste. 5. Suffering from bronchitis, and colds: use Radix, Shen Nong, Xining; Xian Forsythia; yuci herbs.