Oxytocin is similar to wine

Nervous before an interview for a job you do? United Kingdom Birmingham, researchers at the University of Yien·miqieer based on the results of their research proposals: before the interview with the lovers embrace. Mitchell said that love can produce oxytocin, which can inspire courage. Mitchell, head of the research group integrated in the past study concluded that oxytocin acts like wine, can relax, do some typically did not dare to do things. Them in the neuroscience and Biobehavioral reviews wrote in a paper published in the journal, oxytocin allows people on a first date, job interview or other stressful situations when there is a "drunk". Oxytocin, literally female labor-related, in fact, is a hormone secreted by both men and women. One member of the team shidiwen·jilaisipi the United Kingdom's daily mail said, their results does not mean that oxytocin can be used as a substitute for alcohol for social networking, but "this miracle chemical ... ... May be used to treat psychological and mental diseases "