Taking Dhaka he Wei and asunpuwei how to treat hepatitis c?

Recently, two common hepatitis c new drug in Dhaka he Wei (Daclatasvir) and asunpuwei (Asunaprevir) clinical trials but also in our country. So, how to take these two medicines? During treatment should pay attention to what issues? Dakatawei recommended dose is 60 mg daily 1 oral dose; asunpuwei the recommended dose is 200 mg, 2 times daily orally; maximum dose to 600 mg, 2 times daily taken orally. Fasting or eating the two drug absorption and utilization of no effect and therefore does not have to be food and clothing. He Wei in Dhaka alone in phase I clinical research, patient tolerance, common adverse events were headache, no found no drug-related serious adverse events. In Dhaka he Wei and suofeibuwei in the treatment studies, common adverse events were headache and nausea, and few patients blood phosphorus decreased and elevated blood glucose can occur. In Dhaka, he Wei and asunpuwei in the treatment of hepatitis c virus infection: a phase ⅱ clinical study except headache, a small number of patients with diarrhoea and mild abnormal ALT. Current research shows that Dhaka he Wei and oral contraceptives, according to non-Wellen, atazanavir/ritonavir, omeprazole, and midazolam and other interactions. He Wei should consult with a doctor before treatment in Dhaka, used to avoid interaction with some drugs taken together. Methadone and buprenorphine Dhaka, he Wei and no significant interactions using methadone and buprenorphine drug addicts in Dhaka he Wei treatment, do not need to adjust the dosage. Asunpuwei is mainly metabolized in the liver, excreted through the bile from the feces. In clinical trials, a small number of patients in the treatment of liver function abnormality, but no liver failure occurs. During treatment should monitor liver function. Drug metabolism in liver damage in patients with severe slow down, level b and level c is therefore not recommended in patients with liver cirrhosis using; but in patients with renal insufficiency, drug eradication is not affected, no adjustment in patients with renal failure or kidney dialysis drug doses. Current research shows that caffeine asunpuwei, Losartan, omeprazole, and dextromethorphan, and midazolam (oral agents), and digoxin, $literal rosuvastatin simvastatin, interaction between rifampin and ketoconazole. In the treatment should consult a doctor before using asunpuwei, to avoid interaction with some drugs taken together.