TOPAMAX (topiramate) to enable millions of families has been renewed

TOPAMAX (topiramate) is the national formal drug to treat epilepsy, hospital clinical and physician prescription drugs commonly used in medicine, cure juvenile epilepsy in clinical research has a significant effect, young people can feel at ease to take TOPAMAX (topiramate). On adolescent epilepsy, our expert on TOPAMAX is given the following considerations: TOPAMAX (topiramate) to enable millions of families has been renewed 1, puberty, syndrome: adolescence, adolescent epilepsy syndrome can occur, including juvenile absence epilepsy, juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy, the waking state of generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and generalized tonic-clonic seizures. 2, alcohol-and drug-related seizures: alcohol-and drug-related seizures, in adolescents is common, and seizures may be secondary to other serious disease symptoms. 3, epileptic seizures and non-epileptic seizures: teens appear more likely than children of non-epileptic seizures and pseudo seizures (hysteria), easily confused with epileptic seizures, should pay attention to differences, particularly women with false attacks are more common. Adolescents general attack in 2~16sui of children with epilepsy, seizures and everyone will have a different indication, teenagers not only physical or mental harm, for parents, it is psychological torment. TOPAMAX epilepsy is committed to curing young people, offers new hope to thousands of families. This reminds parents and friends, not to rush this, maintain a good attitude, scientific and rational use of drugs is the key to the treatment of epilepsy.