PJR Mechanical Vapor Recompression Technology (MVR)

PJR Mechanical Vapor Recompression Technology (MVR)
Product Details

PJR Mechanical Vapor Recompression technology (MVR)

Product introduction:

Mechanical vapor compression means (MVR) is the re-use of the secondary self-generated steam energy, that is, converting electrical energy into heat energy, the heat energy is recycled, rely on special feature of automatic circulation of evaporator to concentrated and evaporation, further enhance the energy efficiency of a proprietary technology, and through the touch screen, PLC and other equipment to control each dynamic parts and valve, this technology has become a countercurrent falling film evaporation plant upgrade products. Energy saving effect is particularly prominent.

Main usage:

For the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, tobacco, sewage treatment, crystalline product recycling and other industries, especially for high temperature extract the active ingredient  denaturation easily occurs evaporation, concentration, recovery (including water and alcohol solvents, acetone and other organic solvents).

Product Features:

1. Ultra-low temperature evaporation: Low evaporation temperature can reach 35?- 55?

2. Evaporative crystallization fast: evaporator matching crystallizer, evaporative and crystallization at the same time , settle a matter at one go;

3. Excellent energy-saving and environmental benefits: work with electricity , not steam boilers.

1) No need steam source

2) No need boiler equipment

3) No need coal-carbon energy

4) Cooling water consumption is tenth of similar equipment. So there is no waste gas, waste water, waste residue emissions and pollution. Savings investment and maintenance costs in purchasing boilers, chimney construction, laying of pipe network , as well as area, eliminating the need for the transport of coal and fuel oil;

4. Greatly reduced running costs:

Compare mechanical vapor recompression technology with three-effect evaporation technique

Take 3T / h evaporation for an example:

(1) Three-efficient 3T / h evaporation plant use boilers, steam boilers evaporation consumes 1.4 tons * 200 yuan / T * 20

(Daily running time) * 300 (annual running time) = 168 million RMB/ year.

Mechanical vapor recompression device (MVR) does not use the boiler, use of electricity (clean energy), 3T / h evaporation plant, power consumption

105kw * 1 * 20 * 300 = 630000 RMB/ year.

Mechanical vapor recompression device compared to similar three-effect evaporation unit, the annual running cost savings of 1.05 million RMB.

5. Energy saving effect is obvious

Energy saving

1) Three-effect evaporation installment product 1.4T / h, steam boiler consumes 0.2 tons of standard coal * 20 * 300 = 1200 tons of standard coal / year

2) Mechanical recompression evaporation apparatus can reduce coal 1200t every year.

Emission reduction:

1) Carbon dioxide(CO2) class=" list-paddingleft-2">

Three-effect evaporating device consumes 1,200 tons of standard coal equivalent to about 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

B. Mechanical recompression evaporation devices can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions of about 1,000 tons.

2) Sulfur dioxide(SO2) class=" list-paddingleft-2">

Three-effect evaporating device consumes 1,200 tons of standard coal annually rather with about 0.51 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions.

Mechanical recompression evaporation devices can reduce annual emissions of about 0.51 tons of sulfur dioxide.

6. Highly Automation: Energy evaporator prepared with company's self-developed touch screen / PLC automatic control system, all components imported from Germany Siemens products. The whole evaporator realized from filling, preheating, evaporation, cleaning, maintenance and other steps of the automatic control. It can avoid human error, reduce labor costs, improve product quality;

7. Small Installation Area: Due to the energy-saving compressor evaporator use of circulation secondary steam , it improves energy efficiency and therefore more compact and reasonable than conventional evaporator , volume reduced by about two third than similar products , also omit the boiler, pipe network and cooling tower footprint.

Note: The above products, in accordance with different process requirements of the enterprise, such as concentration, crystallization, solvent recovery, etc. can be composed of a combination of the most economical and reasonable scientific plant equipment.

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