Millipore Film Membrane Barrel Filter

Millipore Film Membrane Barrel Filter


RYF Millipore film filter  

Micro-porous Membrane Barrel Filter


Production introduce

We introduce the advanced foreign technology to manufacture under the standards of FDA and GMP, the filter material is qualified imported stainless steel (304,306L). the product features small volume, light quality, easy operation, large filter area, low block possibility, rapid filter, non-pollution, excellent thermal stability and good chemical stability. The filter can filter a large part of particle, so wide used for fine filter and sterilization.

  1. The filter barrel is of one core, 2 cores,5 cores,7 cores,9 cores,11 cores,13 cores and 15 cores.

  2. The length of fold type filter core is of 10,20,30,40

  3. The material for filter core is respectively polytetrafluo-roethylene, polysulfonenylon, polypropylene, vinegar acid fiber.

  4. The filter hole is of 0.1µm, 0.22µm, 0.45µm,1µm,3µm,5µm,10µm, with two branches of (suitable for gas) and hydrophile (suitable for liquid),selected in accordance with the need.

Main Technical Parameters

Item: Technical Performance Indicators of 10 Inches

Precision filter: 100%,107CFU/?

Filter area: 0.2µm,0.45µm,0.65µm

Retention rate: =0.6?

Maximum Working temperature: 60℃  at 0.2 MPa

Maximum pressure: 0.42MPa  at 25?

The largest Anti-dropout: at 25?

Water flow: 

0.2µm   3.31/min  0.01MPa

0.45µm   5.11/min  0.01MPa

0.65µm   7.21/min  0.01MPa

Integrity Test: B.P:0.2µm =0.21MPa,(the minimum bubble point): 0.45µm =0.14MPa



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