Breakthrough Patent Barriers, To Fill The Gaps

Linezolid is the world's best-selling next positive anti-multi-drug-resistant bacteria infection medicine, 2009, global sales of us $ 1.3 billion. Linezolid preparations long monopolized by foreign pharmaceutical companies, listed Crystal form patents expire in 2021, and prices high. Chengdu proud drug industry limited through independent development, from three a aspects made has breakthrough: a is through synthesis innovation avoid has crystal type patent; II is through process innovation breakthrough has industrialization synthesis technology, established has intermediate and target product of quality standard; three is through preparations innovation carried out has linezolid h amine and the injection of development, project has get crystal type invention patent authorized and application has impurities control invention patent, currently products has declared 3.1 class drug production documents. Implementation of the project, it is a generic and digest a breakthrough innovation of new drugs in foreign countries, is expected to project products to market, will break the monopoly of imported drugs in this area, lower drug prices, reduce the burden on patients.