Brief Description Of Pure Steam Generator Technical Characteristics

Brief Description Of Pure Steam Generator Technical Characteristics

Oct 10, 2017

Pure steam generator gas production advanced technology, the absorption of foreign advanced technology, the use of advanced tube down film, three vapor-liquid pyrogen separation of the structure, the shell insulation effect is good, high thermal efficiency, steam fast, Small, safe and reliable operation. In the design of pure steam generator, the first should be in accordance with the requirements of the process to choose the type of combination, and then calculate the heat transfer area required for heat transfer and determine the structure of pure steam generator size.

Pure steam generator technical features:

Structural material: all with raw water, pure steam and water injection parts are 316L material.

Electrochemical polishing: stainless steel surface electrochemical polishing, to ensure the quality of production of water for injection, improve equipment life.

Double tube design: external preheater, condenser and the first effect evaporator are double tube design, in line with cGMP requirements, the effective elimination of low health level media pollution system possibilities.

All hot surfaces have an insulating layer and are surrounded by a 304 stainless steel housing.

Pure steam generator equipment without moving parts, the operation is relatively quiet, safe and reliable.

Reliable PLC control, standardized procedures. Complete documentation verification and service system.

Control system: the use of PLC automatic control technology to achieve different customer control requirements. From the most basic pure steam quality judgment and distribution, to the more advanced, such as the continuous adjustment of the media, and storage system linkage, graded password control and even to the control of evaporation changes can be said nuanced.

Machine performance test: in the machine test shop, in accordance with the procedures to simulate the actual working environment, the machine test.

Pure steam generator easy to operate and repair.

The above is on the pure steam generator technical characteristics of the details, more information welcome to inquire!

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