Brief Introduction Of Dispersion Function Of Silica High Speed Disperser Machine

The application of fumed silica in the composite industry has a considerable history, its thickening and thixotropic function has been recognized by the industry. The key to the effective functioning of fumed silica is to ensure that it is properly dispersed in the resin. The better the decentralized design, the better the effectiveness. For the resin industry, the dispersion of fumed silica can be carried out using a variety of methods, such as milling, high speed shearing, ball milling, sanding, ultrasonic dispersion, etc., of which the first two methods use more. In terms of the main dispersion steps, there are two kinds of so-called one-step and two-step method. One step is to add the fumed silica to the resin to obtain the necessary content. The one-step method is characterized by simple production process , More suitable for large quantities, a single product production. Two-step method is the first gas phase silica in a higher proportion of dispersed human resin made of masterbatch, and then add the resin diluted to a certain ratio. The two-step method is characterized by the higher viscosity of the system, the greater the shear force when dispersed, the better dispersion of fumed silica, suitable for multi-species production.

According to the industry's special requirements, our company disperse machine in the high-speed dispersion machine on the basis of the development of ultra-High Speed Disperser. The shear rate can exceed 100.00 rpm, the rotor speed can reach 40m / s. Within this speed range, the turbulence associated with the shear force caused by the specially developed motor can make the particle size range small to nanometer. The shear force is stronger and the particles of the emulsion are narrower. Due to the high energy density, no other auxiliary dispersion equipment is required. In addition to meet the needs of customers more, we also designed a special real stone paint equipment, real stone paint equipment and silica High Speed Disperser machine is more complex for the real stone paint equipment, such as real paint and other chemical paint function and quality played a very An important role.