Brief Introduction Of Highly Pure Water Distiller

Effluent purity meets Su Q/CJC22-8 requirements General laboratory: a purified metal ion impurities predominates ≤ 5PPB, purified multiple times or 100-level laboratory limit content ≤ 5PPT

Distillation conditions: must be below the boiling point of reagents, not too fast or too slow.

Electrical conductivity: a purification 0.08x10-6 ω -1cm25 ℃.

Electrical conductivity: a purification of 0.059 X10-6 ω -1cm25 ℃

The instrument can be used to produce high-pure water can be not only purified preparation of liquid reagent system. This instrument during the purification process due to the higher steam space > 200 c making sterile pyrogen-free ultrapure water.