Characteristics And Application Of Distilled Water Machine In Pharmaceutical Industry

Characteristics And Application Of Distilled Water Machine In Pharmaceutical Industry

Oct 10, 2017

Distilled Water Machine is the common equipment of the pharmaceutical industry, is a very important part of itself has many characteristics, with the development and progress of the times, the application of more and more broad areas.

It is understood that the distilled water machine is the use of electric energy to produce distilled water special equipment, can lead to pure steam for sterilization, is not the best distilled water and pure steam production equipment, mainly used in medical and health units, research institutes, chemical, fertilizer industry Of the laboratory and research rooms need distilled water areas, and other distilled water machine can also be used for electroplating and electronics industry and other industries.

The characteristics of the distilled water machine mainly in: can be added in a distilled water alkaline potassium permanganate solution to remove organic matter and carbon dioxide; adding non-volatile acid (sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid), so that ammonia does not become volatile ammonium salt. Since the glass contains a small amount of water-soluble components, so the second or more distillation, the use of quartz distillation vessels, in order to get very pure water, the resulting water should be stored in quartz or silver containers.

In life, the general and machine, electrical related to the time, the role of distilled water is mainly non-conductive, to ensure stable operation of the machine to extend the life of electrical appliances. In the pharmaceutical industry, the role of distilled water is due to low permeability. Rinse the wound with distilled water, so that the wound may be the remaining tumor cells to swell, rupture, necrosis, loss of activity, to avoid tumor growth in the wound cultivation.

In addition, multi-effect distilled water machine is currently the most widely used water injection preparation system of the key equipment. Multi-effect distilled water machine using high temperature and high pressure operation, to ensure stable production of pyrogen-free injection of water. Multi-effect distilled water machine produced by the distilled water, fully meet the current US Pharmacopoeia, the European Pharmacopoeia, the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia on the requirements of water for injection.

We believe that with the progress and development of science and technology, in the future there will be more new products appear in the market to meet people's changing needs.

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