Decoding The "water For Life"

Cognac became a gentleman's favorite, many people have a crush on unique to the "water for life" the pure taste, one hand holding a glass juice and gently swing, caused a pale gold, for flavor adds a rigid man crazy. But not everyone is understanding cognac, its mysterious origins and brewing methods, let us into the world of cognac, depth of decoding the water of life.

"Water for life" the guardian

Hennessy cellar wine for up to 300,000 barrels by barrel tasting Tasting members, to determine their fate: some were converted to the old oak barrels and smooth aroma; some were moved to the wet storage wine brewing full-bodied wine; well into the "water of life" will be used as the Cognac deployment.

"Water for life" samples in the tasting passed between members, they have amazing chemistry quickly with "saw II, and three" tasting step. Senior Member with experience, share feelings, by discussing a variety of "water for life" score, tasting the results will all records preserved. The current "tasting Board" made up of members spanning four generations, predecessor decades to accumulate all of them passed on to younger members, new members to more than ten years "probationary period", and learn from tasting skills and experience, in no hurry to publish view.