High Speed Disperser Power Supply Conditions

High Speed Disperser safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance; production continuity, the material can be quickly dispersed and dissolved, decentralized effect, high production efficiency, smooth operation, easy installation. The use of high speed disperser more widely, in the use of High Speed Disperser before, in order to ensure its safety, we must understand the High Speed Disperser machine power conditions.

1, according to the High Speed Disperser power supply type, respectively, use AC and DC disperser. In general, AC power to facilitate access.

2, the voltage specifications as much as possible preferred AC380V, AC220V, DC24V.

3, the power supply voltage fluctuations are usually AC +% 10%, - 15%, DC allowed ± 10% or so, if the tolerance, to take measures to adjust or make special order requirements.

4, should be based on the power capacity to select the rated current and power consumption. It should be noted that the AC start when the VA value is higher, in the capacity should be preferred when the indirect guide disperser.

In order to ensure High Speed Disperser of product quality and technological progress, we will, as always, continue to new technology into the field of science and technology development, advanced technology, high-quality products, superior service dedicated to the user.