High-speed High Speed Disperser Widely Used In What Place?

High-speed High Speed Disperser is widely used in paint, solid mixing and dispersing, dissolving the efficient equipment, widely used in coatings, inks, pigments, adhesives and other chemical products, the high-speed High Speed Disperser machine from the hydraulic system, the main drive, mixing system, Electronic control box composed of five parts, each part of the structure is compact and reasonable.

High-speed High Speed Disperser machine installation and commissioning:

1, installation: high-speed High Speed Disperser as long as the installation of the expansion on the basis of the level of the bolt can be, there are explosion-proof requirements to connect the electrical cabinet and explosion-proof operation between the box.

2, debugging: ① start high-quality High Speed Disperser lift switch to see whether the lift is flexible and reliable. ② start high-quality High Speed Disperser mixer switch, the speed transferred to the speed to see if it is stable.

High-quality High Speed Disperser machine selection points:

1, to master the quality of high-speed disperse to understand the nature of the material.

2, according to the material and then for high-quality High Speed Disperser machine mixer selection.

3, once again to determine the high-speed High Speed Disperser machine operating parameters and structure design.

4, and then consider the cost of high-speed high-speed dispersing machine equipment to consider the cost of installation.

At present, more and more processing enterprises using the High Speed Disperser machine, they use the High Speed Disperser in the day, often on the High Speed Disperser machine application is not a special understanding, due to improper use, resulting in high speed some The necessary failures, delayed the production work, now according to our company's production. The use of the experience of the high-speed disperser, as well as the user's reflection, especially summed up the High Speed Disperser machine applications. High Speed Disperser machine is characterized by the use of frequency control, electromagnetic speed and other three-speed specifications, stable and powerful operation, but also for a variety of viscosity of the material; divided into two forms of lift, one is the other hydraulic The High Speed Disperser machine lifting, rotating are very comfortable, and can adapt to a variety of locations; ordinary and explosion-proof configuration, operation and maintenance is simple, and safe and reliable High Speed Disperser machine production is very strong, the material can be quickly dispersed and dissolved. High Speed Disperser of the dispersion effect is very good, high production efficiency, smooth operation, easy to install.

Dispersing machines are widely used in various materials such as coatings, dyes, inks, pigments, paper, cosmetics, food, resins, adhesives, lotions, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, pesticides and daily chemicals. Dispersing machine can also be effective for the solid material mixing and dissolving the efficient equipment.