Iohexol Injection Might Have Adverse Reaction And Matters Needing Attention

Moderate reactions are severe vomiting, generalized urticaria, mild bronchial spasms, slight laryngeal edema, abdominal pain. Severe reactions include shock, convulsions, coma, severe bronchospasm or laryngeal edema, renal failure and death. In contrast some patients after a few hours to a few days of delayed adverse reactions can occur. Second, considerations 

1, have obvious allergies, asthma history or iodine contrast agents have a history of adverse reactions, should be given special attention. Consider, if necessary, in advance to give these patients corticosteroids or histamine antagonist.

2, allergic to iodine may cause allergic reaction or similar, should also prepare contingency measures and medicines, equipment and so on. 3, before and after contrast agent to ensure that patients have a good water and electrolyte balance.