Millipore Film Filter Are Popular With Users

Millipore Film Filter Overview:

Membrane technology is a high-tech that combines high separation, concentration, purification and purification in the rapid development in recent years. At present, new membrane equipment has been continuously developed, researched and applied in many aspects and has been approaching the advanced level of similar foreign products Level. As we all know, the current Millipore Film Filter operation has entered the era of membrane filtration, as people continue to deepen the understanding of the filtration membrane, membrane filtration will be widely used in most of the filtering job. Because it can be used as a fine filtration device alone, but also as other purification devices (such as ion resin exchange, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, etc.) to the pre-treatment equipment. Membrane filtration with high precision, wide range of applications, recoil, while compact, easy to operate and so popular with users.

Filter and Millipore Film Filter structure Description:

(1). The cartridge is a collapsible cartridge microporous membrane cartridge with a 2.7 in. (69 mm) diameter housing and a cartridge length of 10, 20, 30 and 40 feet (250, 500, 750 and 1000 mm) Species, and the filter housing is divided into sub-plug-type (which is divided into 222, 226) and flat-mouth type two. As follows

a, plug-in filter, including 222 and 226, is the filter insert and filter card interface international standard number, 222 is the "O" -shaped socket, 226 is the "O" -shaped interface above the pair of lugs can be connected When installed into the filter housing inserted into the groove on the plate to fix the upper filter.

b, flat mouth filter, the upper and lower ends are all flat, filter and filter shell bearing plate link is fixed with a flat ring.

Also according to the needs of users, specifically designed and manufactured for users of special specifications and the use of filters (such as household water filters, etc.). Long-term supply of "O" ring seals and plane.

(2), filter

The cartridge Millipore Film Filter consists of a microporous membrane cartridge and a stainless steel housing with the necessary stainless steel tubing and valves. The lower part of the Millipore Film Filter has a socket plate for the filter insert, and a socket on the plate for the socket filter. According to the different flow of the user to deal with, the filter has a single core 3, 5, until dozens of filter. At the same time, in order to facilitate the filter loading and unloading, the shell is divided into two parts, quick bolt connection.