Pure Steam Generator To Create A New World

Pure Steam Generator To Create A New World

Oct 25, 2017

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, China has become the world's second largest energy depletion after the United States, but also the world's second largest co-emission countries, energy The rational operation and the development of new energy sources are increasingly common. The total heat transfer coefficient is high because the fluid in the spiral channel by the inertial centrifugal force of the dip and the separation of the column interference, low Reynolds number (re = 1400 ~ 1800) can be achieved under the turbulence, permit flow (liquid 2m / s , Gas 20m / s), so the heat transfer coefficient. 5mpa. Therefore, through the process of increasing the flow rate and other means to try to weaken the formation and growth of scale, and focus on real-time cut off the dirt. In order to operate the user to use, ceiling and remote jet air handling unit from the initial design, development stage has always been adhering to the "scientific and technological achievements of the beauty of life" concept, enrich from the user point of view, Seiko secret agents.

Base station pure steam generator application of economic and social significance of communication base station air pure steam generator foundation is to enrich the operation of outdoor air in the cold, through the means of heat exchange on the base station. The pipe and the tube plate can be fixed with the welding method or the expansion method. Hot fluid cold fluid May 7, 2012 2/120. In reality, because the wall is difficult to measure the project is similar to the treatment for the liquid  heating 0. During winter operation, the inlet temperature of the reclaimed water will be reduced. The August 30, 1966, sailors on behalf of the acceptance protocol wrote: "a variety of mechanical assembly systems, electrical equipment, artillery, unsightly navigation, instructions and hull in the boat test data and materials obtained, That the tactical craft performance of the boat suitable design requirements.

Compared with the existing air-conditioning system, with the following benefits: the air pure steam generator in a moment can replace the air conditioning and refrigeration, reducing the power consumption of the base station, suitable for China's energy-saving emission reduction policy; because the operation of the pure steam generator, The working hours of the air conditioner are reduced, the service life is delayed, the investment cost and the maintenance cost of the communication system are reduced. When the air conditioner fails, it can be used as an emergency standby air conditioning equipment, so as to meet the requirements of the base station equipment.

Based on the above characteristics, the application of this energy-saving product of air pure steam generator has the main economic and social significance. With water or refrigerant cooling several groups of different materials of the cooler, should be grouped. Because of the limited radius of curvature of the bend, the heat transfer tube arrangement is less, the control is most limited, the heat transfer tube arrangement is small, the control of the innermost tube spacing is relatively large, the tube plate operation is low, Night, tube plate operation is low, shell side of the fluid is easy to form a short circuit, do not operate the shell process fluid easy to form a short circuit, do not operate heat transfer.

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