Silica High Speed Disperser Is One Of The Important Equipment

Silica High Speed Disperser machine is widely used in paint, solid mixing and dissolving efficient equipment, is one of the important equipment in the fields of paint, pigment, dye, resin, ink, adhesive, petroleum, emulsion, cosmetics and medicine. Xiaobian introduced below the characteristics of High Speed Disperser machine:

First, the High Speed Disperser of silicon dioxide machine with stepless speed: electromagnetic speed, frequency control (such as for water-based paint) and explosion-proof frequency control (such as for oil-based paint) and other forms. Stepless speed control function can be adjusted according to different stages of the different speed, fully meet the process of production process of different process requirements.

Second, the High Speed Disperser of silicon dioxide dispersion machine below the laminar flow state, different flow rate of the slurry layer spread each other, play a role in dispersion. With 360 degree rotation, stepless speed regulation, hydraulic lift and other functions. Can be configured at the same time 2-4 containers, hydraulic lift stroke 1000 mm, 360 degree rotation function can better meet a multi-purpose machine, in a very short period of time from one cylinder to another cylinder to operate, greatly improved The work efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity.

Third, in the silica high-speed dispersion machine dispersion plate edge 2.5-5mm formed turbulence area, the slurry and the particles are subject to strong shear and impact.

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