Single Shaft High Speed Disperser Product Technical Specifications And Parameters

I carefully developed the company's single-axis High Speed Disperser, has been pushed into the chemical equipment market for some time, in the customer's visit found that this device by the new and old customers praise, and here by my company Xiaobian in the We introduce, single-axis High Speed Disperser machine product specifications and parameters. The performance of this device, the working principle and product features in the official website of the product center has given you one by one out, then I will directly introduce the product specifications and parameters.

1. This single-axis High Speed Disperser motor power is roughly divided into: 2.2KW, 3KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW;

2. The speed of the uniaxial High Speed Disperser machine is divided into: 0 / 1500,120 / 1200,0 / 1200 (r / min)

3. Diameter of single-axis High Speed Disperser Dispersion disc: 100,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500 units (mm);

4. Pump motor power parameters: 0.55KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3KW, etc .;

5. The lifting height of the single-axis High Speed Disperser machine dispersion plate is: 600,800,1000,1200-1300,1300-1500 units (mm);

6. The volume parameters of the cylinder are: 30-100L, 100L, 200-500L, 500-1000L, 1000-2000L and 3000L;

The dimensions are: 1500 * 500 * 1240 mm, 1650 * 750 * 1190 mm, 2400 * 1000 * 2200 mm, 3000 * 1500 * 2600 mm, 3000 * 1500 * 2800 mm;

8. Weight divided into: 230kg, 250kg, 900kg, 1200kg, 1500kg;

This single-axis High Speed Disperser is the general parameters of these, single-axis high-speed disperser is mainly used in the coatings industry, the dye industry, the pigment industry, the ink industry, paper industry, adhesive industry and so on.