Stellite: X-ray Contrast Agent Raw Materials Enterprises

Leading enterprises of x-ray contrast media APIs: the company is the leading enterprise of x-ray contrast media APIs, specializing in x-ray contrast agents, fluoroquinolone antibiotic drugs such as raw materials and intermediates of the development, production and sales. X-ray contrast agent API product range covers sales in the world;s top five products. X-ray contrast media APIs with formulations and raw materials is expected to maintain steady growth, contrast agent raw materials per capita domestic consumption and global and United States compared to the level there is a big room. Fluoroquinolone drug business is expected to remain stable: left-ofloxacin series as one of the world;s best-selling antibiotics and the raw materials market is expected to remain stable. Domestic despite the impact of policies on clinical application of antibiotics in special treatment, but further norms conducive to the long-term healthy development of the industry, the company enhance profitability through customization.