Structure Of Multi - Effect Distilled Water Machine

Structure Of Multi - Effect Distilled Water Machine

Oct 25, 2017

And the use of SS316L, the rest of the use of SS304, the vast majority of equipment using flange connection, multi-effect distilled water machine with the separation of the separation structure, To prevent leakage, the unique three-level separation: falling film evaporation gravity sedimentation screen in addition to foam. Through the PLC, the use of two three-way valve to control, to avoid the entire equipment, water failure, surface finish high; improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel; multi-effect distilled water machine can not handle the location of polishing, Distillation, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, automatic detection of water quality and other water injection, the machine produced by the water quality and stability of injection water, high purity.

As the multi-effect distilled water machine using thin-walled heat transfer tubes and advanced water distributor and the use of each effect of the evaporator to produce water as a preheater heating heat source, so that the entire equipment heat exchange rate increased by 20%. In the northern region without cooling water, the southern region of the use of cooling water. 6 effect without cooling water, due to the use of large space, low-speed separation, to avoid the steam friction corrosion. So that the life of multi-effect distilled water machine greatly extended, the use of split water four separation technology to ensure that the distilled water heat and endotoxin content lower.

The requirements for pure water are relatively low, single-stage reverse osmosis below can produce the following standard of distilled water, the use of U-tube heat exchange, heat exchange efficiency, good mechanical properties, long life, unique dual condenser design , A special multi-channel structure, heat transfer, do not need special cooling water, that is, to achieve the required temperature of distilled water.

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