Technical Parameters Of High Speed Disperser

High Speed Disperser is for the dissolution of different viscosity products dispersion effect, the equipment mixed dispersion effect is good, through the high-speed rotation of the dispersion plate, the material to achieve rapid dispersion, dissolved, even mixing, emulsification function.

High Speed Disperser through the jagged dispersion plate high-speed operation, so that the material and the dispersion plate between the strong shear impact and friction, to quickly disperse, dissolve, even mixed function.High Speed Disperser The equipment is compact, stable performance, low precision energy consumption of frequency conversion, low cost of pneumatic lifting, easy to move, easy to operate, easy to disassemble discs, easy to clean, widely used in coatings, inks, adhesives, emulsions, fine chemicals and other mixed dispersion!

Technical parameters of pneumatic lifting and High Speed Disperser

1. Drive motor: AC motor (Siemens / explosion-proof)

2. Motor power: 1.1KW-11KW

3. Drive power: 380V / 60HZ

4. Speed control mode: Import frequency converter speed

5. Speed range: 0-2880RPM

6. Processing capacity: 5-500L

7. Contact material: SUS304

8. Scaffold material: Q235-A

9. Lifting form: Pneumatic lifting (air pressure is about 0.6Mpa)