The Cleanup Of A Double Planetary Mixer Is Also A Priority

For any device, their cleanup work is very important, and the Double Planetary Mixer is certainly no exception. Although there are many types of mixers appearing on the market at present, the cleaning methods are almost the same, so please see the decomposition below. First of all, open the Double Planetary Mixer door, and then use the trachea to blow inside, so that the storage of the surface of the dust and accumulate materials are cleared. It also needs to be removed or bent through the trachea of a Double Planetary Mixer to ensure that there is no gas available to the machine. In doing these operations, make sure that the Double Planetary Mixer door is kept in the open state, so as to help clean the material can fall.

After cleaning this piece, the next step is to open the gate, and then the fan is fastened to the door and blown in. At this time to the operator's wear is also required, to wear long underwear, safety helmet, masks and other protective measures, the skin should not be exposed to the outside, so as not to be contaminated by the damage.

According to the requirements of the dressing can be entered into the mixer, first with a wrench to remove the nozzle, with gas to blow the net to be fitted. Then shovel off the silo wall and paddle on the material, according to the need is the manpower to rotate the paddle Yelai cleaning dead ends, and then install the nozzle. So far, a complete set of Double Planetary Mixer cleaning process is complete.

The cleaning steps of the Double Planetary Mixer should be made clear, and the frequency of its cleaning should be known. Normally under normal circumstances, one weeks to clean up one to two times, if the material is more special, you can according to the actual situation. Do not underestimate this knowledge, it is very helpful to the normal operation of the Double Planetary Mixer and prolong the service life, we should pay attention to it.