What Are The Benefits Of A Lift-type High Speed Disperser?

Lifting High Speed Disperser is a newer High Speed Disperser, mainly for industrial production in the scattered equipment. It is equipped with the lifting device can be used flexibly, saving manpower and resources. High Speed Disperser machine in the work of the air to keep less, can quickly disperse and dissolve the material, the particles become thin, stir even without dead ends, easy to clean; wide range of processing capacity, frequency control, speed digital display; stable operation, noise Small, can be used for a long time.

Since the lift High Speed Disperser has so many benefits, then the disperser needs to be maintained and maintained? I believe many people want to know.

Daily use, pay attention to the dispersing machine V-belt to the same length, placed in the transmission box, the requirements of elastic moderate, tighten the slide when the bolt, cover the cover. Dispersion machine is a long time do not have to cut off the power, and clean, to the need to lubricate the parts of the oil, the spindle and the cylinder must be oil rust. Tank oil, the average half a year to replace once, the need to clean the fuel tank replacement, cleaning once a month filter, oil change after two to three days need to be cleaned once.

The rotation of the dispersing machine is part of the ball, bearings, gears, shafts, bushings and cylinders. It is also necessary to carry out a single oiling every week. If it is found that overheating or abnormal noise is required for timely maintenance. If the thermal relay is stopped due to overload, the operation can be continued when the "reset" button on the thermal relay is pressed.

The use of the dispersing machine needs to be checked once a year, and the AC contactor is checked every six months. Dispenser regularly check the disperser wearing parts, such as bearings, oil seals, etc., found to wear immediately replaced.

Such as dispersing machines and the like machinery and equipment, expect to use is not bad, we must pay attention to routine maintenance and maintenance, must not be taken lightly.