What Is The Principle Of Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine?

Multi-effect distilled water machine for reverse osmosis device according to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, can be greater than osmotic pressure reverse osmosis method for separation, extraction, purification and concentration. One is a selective membrane, we call it semi-permeable membrane, the second is a certain pressure. In short, the reverse osmosis semipermeable membrane has a large number of holes, the size of these holes and the size of water molecules, due to bacteria, viruses, most of the organic pollutants and hydrated ions are much larger than water molecules, The reverse osmosis semipermeable membrane is separated from the aqueous phase through the reverse osmosis membrane. Among the various impurities in the water, dissolved salts are the most difficult to remove. Therefore, often according to the level of desalination to determine the level of reverse osmosis water purification effect, reverse osmosis desalination rate depends mainly on the reverse osmosis semipermeable membrane selectivity.

Multi-effect distilled water machine is the principle of higher than the solution osmotic pressure, according to other substances can not through the semipermeable membrane and these substances and water separated. Since the membrane pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is very small, it is possible to effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic substances and the like in water.

Multi-effect distilled water machine work to convert raw water into secondary steam is clean steam, after the initial entry into the evaporator, flows down along the tube while evaporating, which is the first separation; the raw water being evaporated in the machine Of the lower end of the 180 degree reentry, impurities in the gravity under the action, was separated to the lower part, which is the second separation; the evaporation of raw water, that is, secondary steam, continue to circulate in the evaporator to the upper part of the special separation device , The third separation, the effect of the distilled water and the end of the secondary steam to cool. In a multi-effect distilled water machine, there is a part of the gas which can not be condensed into water, which is called a non-condensable gas, which will be removed by a discharge device installed in the upper part of the condenser.