Thermal Vapor Recompression TVR Evaporator System

Thermal Vapor Recompression TVR Evaporator System


TVR System

PJZ type Thermal Vapor Recompression evaporator (TVR)


Product introduction:

Thermal Vapor Recompression device (TVR), according to the heat pump principle, evaporation from the evaporator is compressed to the high pressure of heating chamber, that is , energy is added to the steam, due to the heating chamber pressure corresponding to the saturated steam temperature is higher, so that the steam can be used for heating. Motive steam required (A number of new steam), motive steam must be transferred to the next activity, or transferred to the condenser as residual steam, including online residual energy residual steam in about steam provides the energy equivalent (Only compress a part of the secondary steam). Using thermal steam ejector has the same efficiency of save steam / energy with add first steam ejector, suitable for first evaporation temperature requirement = 75 ?, medium and small evaporation equipment.


Main uses:

Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, tobacco, sewage treatment, crystalline product recycling and other industries, especially for high temperature extract the active ingredient denaturation easily occurs evaporation, concentration, recovery (including water and alcohol solvents, acetone and other organic solvents).

This device consists of falling film evaporator and heat pump which is a Venturi-type injection device, it put high temperature and pressure as main jet, and side wall suck some of the second steam which has lower temperature and pressure.  Mixed media produced by this two kind of steam supply separator to use.  Secondary steam is pressurized, pump can produce thermal medium.

Product features:

1. High heat transfer coefficient, less heat transfer temperature difference , less storage capacity, so evaporation gentle, fast to start , high evaporation and energy saving.

2. Using thermal steam ejector has the same efficiency of save steam with add first steam ejector, compact structure.

3. The reverse operation of materials, concentration and high boiling point solvent increases, the effect of heating temperature of liquid is also on the rise coincided with the corresponding. As long as the material quantity, temperature and condensate level parameters are automatic control, the evaporation can be stable, continuous and convenient operation.

4. The evaporation temperature is low, suitable for medium and small-scale production conducive materials prone to heat denaturation effective ingredients extracted.

5. The finished product is discharged from the concentration ratio of high-end effect evaporation temperature, suitable for high concentration of material. For the material of final concentrate could crystalline at next section, it also will be washed into the end portion of the steam separation chamber. As long as let the concentrated liquid into the crystal chamber, then stirred and discharge the crystal , it will not affect the normal operation.

6. Falling film evaporation finish along a straight pipe in one time , second steam squeeze film and have few bubble, and the second steam along the tangent to the larger volume of the separator, so completely isolated and not easy to run the material ,the recovery rate is high and environmental protection.

7. The whole device heating component appearance are heat preservation, can reduce heat loss, improve the operating environment. Over current devices are made of 316L or 304 high-quality stainless steel to reach the GMP certification requirements for application in the pharmaceutical industry and hygiene requirements application in food and tobacco industry .











Air pressure


Evaporation temperature





Heating steam



Heating temperature





Cooling water



Note: the above products, can according to enterprises have different process requirements, such as condensation, crystallization, solvent recovery can be combined to the most economical reasonable and scientific device.

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